In My Own Words

I have experienced tremendous satisfaction from my work over the years. I have been inspired by my patients who work very hard in therapy to overcome pain and trauma and move towards healing. It has motivated me to continue my own professional and personal growth; acquiring new skills and challenging myself to find creative, powerful ways to evoke change. I have personally taken on new challenges myself, such as open water swimming in the San Francisco Bay, to know for myself the experience of overcoming fear and pushing through obstacles. I bring my first-hand knowledge to my work in helping others transcend their limits and fears.

I would also like to say that I have been fortunate to work in highly respected health care settings with talented colleagues which has enabled me to stay current in the field and abreast of new trends and developments in mental health, medicine, and psychopharmacology. This exposure has informed my work in my own practice particularly with cancer patients, pain patients and those needing medication.

I am grateful to be able to engage in meaningful work that results in improved quality of life for those who seek my help.