"Ever since the day, ten years ago, that I first oozed in under
Shellie's door, I have deeply appreciated my every encounter with
her. She is a great and focused listener, and with uncannily perfect
timing, always supplies the most pertinent comments or suggestions.
She is not there to trumpet her own story (something I've encountered
with other therapists) -- she is there for ME. She has helped me
through some of the worst and -- equally tricky -- some of the best
times of my life -- and my family's life, too. Shellie is not my
first therapist, but certainly my all-time favorite. I have never
failed to leave her office feeling better about myself and the world,
even if I walked in, as I sometimes do, feeling pretty darned good
already. If you'd like any further recommendation, you are most
welcomed to contact me directly at newsham@mac.com.

Brad Newsham
Oakland, CA


"I have been working therapeutically with Shellie Hatfield in both individual and couples therapy for over five years. In my experience of her, she brings to all of her therapeutic work a combination of lucid intelligence and luminous intuition (not to mention a finely honed and riotous sense of humor). She is perceptive, quick, full of mercy. In our years together, her grace, kindness and compassion have transformed fleeting moments of intense grief and terror into fragile tendrils of possibility. As well, I have had occasion to recommend her over the years to a large and diverse range of friends. It comes as no surprise to me at all that they, too, have found her to be a perceptive, sensitive and loving witness to their struggles. I feel honored, even blessed, to know her."



"I highly recommend Shellie Hatfield as a competent, caring, and effective therapist. With Shellie’s skillful and professional help, I have moved from living in chronic deep depression to living a fully functional and joyful life. I have been able to overcome the negative impact of severe traumas in early life because of Shellie’s expertise and knowledge. She has the ability to listen deeply in a non-judgmental way and creates a safe and comforting environment for healing."

-Connie Beech